thanksgiving in NYC

For Thanksgiving weekend, Kevin, Kyle, Landon, Raymond, and I hopped on a sketchy Chinatown bus and went to New York City! Since we ended up in Chinatown, we found a great place with 25 cent dumplings! Initially we were trying to find a different restaurant, but then found out that it was closed down (due to health inspections… sketchy). So Kevin, the one person who could actually speak Mandarin, walked around the streets and asked people to recommend good places to eat. It turned out well. Yum!

2015-11-27 12.31.28

We were staying with a friend’s sister in Brooklyn and on our way there we wandered past some really great street art.

Our first real stop was Central Park! Even though it was the end of November, it was a crisp and sunny day. We climbed on top of big rocks and hills, jumped into a huge pile of leaves (which ended up just being some leaves on top of a pile of dirt), and watched cute ice skaters on the rink. Frolicking in the park is something people should do every day.

2015-11-27 16.10.38

We grabbed some pizza and then hit up Times Square! We went up the red stairs and just sat there, taking in the view and the atmosphere. It was so busy, but the lights really were something else. We weaved through the crowds and went into different stores, including the Disney store! Raymond loves elephants, so he bought this cute plushie. I was so tempted to buy a stuffed Ariel doll, to prepare for directing The Little Mermaid in the spring, but instead I bought three peas in a pod as a friend’s Secret Santa gift. Yay for Black Friday deals that made it within my budget!

2015-11-27 17.57.24

2015-11-27 18.04.50

Eventually it was time to watch An American in Paris. It was a new Broadway musical that ended up being really great. I would say it was mostly a ballet rather than a musical (much more dancing than singing) but it was a cute love story. I also appreciated the jokes about France and French culture haha. Definitely would recommend it. I was hoping to also try to wait in line and enter the lottery to see Hamilton over the course of the weekend but the chances just seemed so slim… one day I will watch all of the musicals!

2015-11-27 19.54.44

The post-show restaurant of choice was Spot, a dessert place that put an Asian twist on their dishes. We met up with Tricia and Norman, two other friends from MIT, and some of Kevin and Raymond’s friends too. We tried five different desserts – one was a green tea lava cake, another was a fruity-chocolate-y thing that looked like a potted plant, and some pistachio cake. They were pretty tasty. It is always nice to end a night on a sweet note!

The next day was pretty dreary. Seems like we had used up all of our luck on the weather the day before. Still, we tried to make most of the day and visited the Battery Park area. We walked along the water and saw the Statue of Liberty (from far away!).

There was even the cutest carousel I’ve ever seen – it was underwater themed and kids could ride on different sea creatures! There were cool lighting effects that made it look pretty believably underwater.

2015-11-28 13.39.01

Once it started raining we spent time in the New York Public Library. Landon and I walked around, looking at the cool documents, maps, and photography exhibits, while Raymond fell asleep on a staircase (and then was approached by security).

2015-11-28 14.46.30

When the rest of them had to return back to Boston, I met up with Virup and Ming, and two of their friends – Robert and Ellen. We ended up eating in Koreatown. Which meant more Spot, apparently. We decided karaoke! Robert hosted us in his dorm room, equipped with a projector and cool party lights. We sang for hours.

2015-11-28 21.47.30

We picked up supplies from a cute market on the street and the nearby grocery store, and cooked omelettes for breakfast. We also had fancy and yummy zucchini bread.

2015-11-29 13.14.22

In the afternoon, we went to the Upper East Side to try the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. Veronica, a friend from MIT, suggested it. We met up with her and spent the thirty minute wait at the nearby candy store. The hot chocolate was definitely worth the wait. The inside of the café was filled with Tiffany lampshades and fluffy, sparkly vintage items.

Bryant Park was decorated beautifully for the holiday season. There was a very photogenic Christmas tree, and rows of cute little stands selling various trinkets. Robert and I wandered through them for a while, before I almost missed my bus back to Boston.

2015-11-30 16.55.35

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